5 Apr / 2014(222)…The finals(2014T20WC)IND SL


The Finals




India batting  

India has the best batting average in this tournament (38.79). They have their b/w = 28.78, again the best. In 5 games they have scored the most by any team. 737 runs/19 wkts lost in bargain. Their average score in powerplay = 45, and last 5 overs they score on avg 41 runs. At end of 10th over they avg 71 runs, and in terms of big overs(>10 runs/over), on average its 5/game.  Against spin Indian batsmen have been comfortable, they average about 42.29 with run rate 6.58. Their boundary rate is 10/100 balls, and big overs are 24.44%.

However against pace they have performed better

r/o = 8.21

boundary rate = 17.92/100 balls

big overs (>10 runs/over)= 30.19%


Bowlers have done well in powerplay, especially spin of Ashwin. In powerplay Indian bowling has done well. Picking 9 wkts.

Avg 16.67

R/o = 5.00

St .rate = 20.00

%  L 4 (Less than 4 runs/over)= 50.00%

The silver lining for India has been Ashwin’s bowling, his figure in powerplay has been X-Factor for them. 

 Avg 7.75

R/o = 3.87

St .rate = 12.00

%  L 4 (Less than 4 runs/over)= 50.00%

Interestingly India (so far) maintained the pressure in next phase (7-10th over) by not conceding many runs. 

Avg 29.50

R/o = 5.90

St .rate = 30.00

%  L 4 (Less than 4 runs/over)= 30.00%.

The nature of the game is such that runs and wickets are in plenty in this phase, irrespective who is bowling or batting. 

Avg 15.17

R/o = 8.27

St .rate = 10.67

%  L 4 (Less than 4 runs/over)=27.27%

….. but their pace bowlers(only weakness due to lack of experience) conceded more than overall

Avg 20.66

R/o = 10.33

St .rate = 12.00

%  L 4 (Less than 4 runs/over)=16.67%

Sri Lanka

The way their batsmen have performed its surprisingly that they reached the finals. In list of most runs scored in this WORLD CUP, the Lankan batsmen stands 16th as the most run getter… Jayawardene scoring 134 in 5 inns. There are 3 Netherlanders, and two Bangladeshi above Mahela in most runs scored.

Same is said about their bowling, N Kulasekara is at No.11 as the most wkt taker (7 wkts in 5 games@6.20), and there are 2 Bangladeshis, and 2 Netherlanders above him in list of most wickets taken in this WORLD CUP.

If one has to look at their stats in near future, than wonder how they got into the finals with such ordinary performance by their players!.


In 5 games as team they avg 24.03 and their avg score in Powerplay is 35, & last 5 overs they score@ 47.

Their problem has been at the top. They have been losing wickets consistently, although Dilshan is trying hard to stick around till second half of innings, but he is not been able to dominate after occupying the crease.

And its only in the last few overs they are able to score with greater consistency. As their run rate jumps from avg 5.94(2nd phase) to 8.20(3rd phase) and then to 9.70 (last phase).

Their bowling has an edge and its well supported by their fielders.

To conclude, the finals would be one sided favoring India, as there is no stopping them, however Sri Lanka can upset them if they do something out of the ordinary, in terms of skills and strategy. They need to have zero error on field taking every catch, and creating opportunity.

Along with this, if they can gamble and pick Ajantha Mendis, who has a very poor show in this tournament, than it might work for them. Mendis though has been expensive, but he is a wicket taker, and Indian batsmen in past had difficulty in reading such bowlers. If Mendis can get his length right, than he along with Herath will trouble Indians. 


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