4 Aug / 2022(714)International teams should look into how Franchise cricket is played

T20 Cricket is still a team game, irrespective how short the format is.


T20 allows individuals to flourish regularly, unlike other formats. Most T20 international players play for various franchise teams, where they are regularly producing good performances both with bat/bowl. These top players float around various franchise teams yearly, without having any effect on their performance hence they are bought.


They know what their role play and goal is in franchise cricket. However when playing as a team for your country, the situation is totally different.




  • Pressure to win is much higher
  • In recent times cricketers from India and Pakistan (certain extent) players have not played with each other for National team.
  • There is lack of bilateral series between teams, therefore they are unaware what and who they are up against. The gap of some bilateral series more than 5 years!.
  • As of now only India, Aus, Zim, NZ, AFg and SA have >= 50 % success rate. Of course this analysis is misleading because all teams have not played equal amount of matches against equally matched teams!. See table below.

Solution –

  1. teams need to think the way franchise teams think – their tactics and team selection should be similar , but for that to happen teams need to play more matches against each other to understand strength and weakness….otherwise “on that day success” will always happen.
  2. Today there is more consistent rivalry between franchise teams, than T20I teams!.
  3. Few teams can create a group and start playing against each other regularly, similarly to Trans-Tasmanian series.



As the World Cup played this year, in coming months list of matches for teams will increase (in above table)



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