13 Jun / 2011World Cup Champions & their key players.

As the 12th edition of ICC World Cup begins tomorrow(30th May 2019). Here is a look at average age of 15 member squad of teams participating in this tournament.

Interestingly this World Cup has maximum players who are 30 plus. The oldest group of players to represent World Cup!.


  •  From 149 cricketers representing their teams, 64 are 30 and above viz 42.95 %
  •  The average age for this tournament is- 29 years.
  • In 15 member squad, Sri Lanka(9) and South Africa (8) have maximum players above 30 years.
  • Bangladesh (3) has minimum above 30 years.

Here is a table of each teams Avg age and No. of 30 plus


Below GFX displays World Cup winners and age of their key players. Players age in bracket.

Interestingly the 2015 squad had youngest key players for Australia!.


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