7 Oct / 2023Is ODI cricket a leftover of other format ?

In ODI cricket a target of 300 is still very hard to chase, and higher % of guarantee to defend.


So let us look at ODI history and see how many teams had highest percent of success and how many were the asked the most to chase down 300+ in limited overs cricket (including reduce matches)






Looking at above tables it is very clear, "rise in success rate", but.... few questions posed here.

  •  Is ODI cricket a "leftover"of T20 cricket and Test match cricket ?.
  •  Will ODI cricket become redundant ?.
  • Why teams are playing their ODI match as if its a T20 game?.
  •  What is the best way to play this format in terms  of bowling/batting ?.
  •  Chasing 300 + successively is still not easy 



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