24 Jul / 2011Dravid needs to score fast if he is with lower order!.

What is a job of a top order batsman when he is batting with lower order/tail?.

1- If they are batting first, then look to score as many runs as possible with a better strike rate.

2- If they are replying a 1st Inning score, then make sure they come as close as possible(after avoiding follow on) to that score, by building partnerships with tail, and have a strike rate at which his partner(lower/tail) is comfortable with (some tail-enders like to be scoreless and stick around as long as they can, some like to hit boundaries every second ball).


Neverthless Rahul Dravid’s innings had value in terms of personal landmark, and averting follow on, but could he along with lower order posted substantial  partnerships, and come much closer to England’s 1st inn score ?.


Lately Dravid has been involved with lower order partnerships, yet India couldn’t reach 400 or even 300, so is it possible for him to change his batting style, and bat faster ?


If that happens, then partnerships can be build.

Here one is not suggesting 50 or 100 runs, but partnerships of 30s,/40s can be substantial runs for  teams.


India’s current line-up is blessed with excellent lower order strikers, and they have enough experience  batting with top batsmen.


Here one feels Dravid should change his batting style, and once that happens, the fielding side will become defensive, and instead of attacking to pick wickets, they would try and stop runs, which will allow Dravid to  build partnerships with lower order, and India can score decent total consistently.

Here is a look at Dravid’s involvement in partnerships  with lower order batsmen in Test cricket.

Rahul Dravid’s Partnerships with lower order batsmen(All Tests)

Stand Inns Runs 50+ 100+ Avg
6th Wkt 42 1855 12 3 46.38
7th Wkt 29 638 3 0 22.79
8th Wkt 20 578 1 2 30.42
9th Wkt 15 371 4   24.73
10th Wkt 8 37     4.63


Now, if one has to sum up all these partnerships (add all lower order partnerships), then Dravid’s involvement with tail fetched India @23 Runs/Wkt.


… If one has to compare this analysis with Ricky Ponting, his contemporary Test No .3 batsman, then his involvement with tail has fetched Australia 42 Runs/Wkt.


Ricky Ponting’s Partnerships with lower order batsmen (Batting Position No.3,since 2001)

Stand Inns Runs 50+ 100+ Avg
6th Wkt 34 1354 9 2 43.68
7th Wkt 22 585 2 1 29.25
8th Wkt 14 636 5 1 48.92
9th Wkt 8 60     7.50
10th Wkt 5 51     10.20


They both have different batting style, and there is nothing much in terms of average (unless one can measure strike rate of each partnerships) neverthless Dravid  can take a leaf from this Aussie.




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