14 Oct / 2022(718) T20I series -England in Australia: Gaps and variation was key to England’s success

A brief analysis on how both teams performed

Here is a stats analysis of various skill sets used by bowlers, fielders and batsmen from both teams.




Gaps found by batting Team

(England scored most runs with their gaps)









Fielding stats of both bowling teams.

  • The touches includes all kind that a fielder(bowler, keeper included) before the ball is declared dead.
  • Runs conceded: features all type of fielding errors
  • Runs saved : features all type of fielding that saves runs
  • % fielding wickets : wicket that fielders contributed – catches, stumpings and run outs
  • % Effective fielding : features fielding wkts, runs saved, alert fielding, and anything that could have been a run
  • Ineffective fielding : missed opportunity in terms of wickets and runs







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