9 Oct / 2020(623)…IPL 2020-Net run rate(NRR) end of 22 matches

In a cricket match teams cannot control result but they can control and navigate their Run rate and NRR to some extent. Big scores can help team’s NRR.

The first step to it is, not to lose all their wickets and bat out 20 overs.  While chasing if target is huge than try to come as close to your target.

Interestingly in this IPL every team is taking care of their wickets. So far in 22 matches (44 Inns) only thrice teams lost all their 10 wickets.

Here is GFX of each team’s NRR.  A progression of each team after their last match. The calculation is sum of all matches. For instance Delhi Capitals NRR climbed steadily after 5 games.










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