8 Jul / 2020(614)…Umpire’s call!. Cricket resumes during Covid-19

As Int. cricket resumes after three months it seems there would be few rules and regulation for players to take caution and fight worldwide pandemic-COVID-19

The match in question is 3-Test Wisden Trophy series played between England v/s West Indies played in UK. The series would be played in empty stadium without live audience. The match officials would be from host country England, and series is played in two stadium. The first test starts today (7th July, 2020)at Rose Bowl in Southampton, Hampshire county. The second and third would be played at Old Trafford, Manchester, Lancashire county.

The fundamental rules of the game will remain same, but strict code for fielders and bowlers in how they handle the ball.

At same time there would be lot of first time records to be grabbed in this first test, and one of them is Ben Stokes’s appointment as England’s captain. In the absence of Joe Root(official captain), Stokes would be stand-in as England’s captain for this match.

In light of this dawn where umpires and officials have greater responsibility towards safety of the players, here is an interesting article by David Whiley. It is from his column ‘Umpire’s Corner in The Cricketer International magazine, of July 1981 edition.


Take care and stay safe.

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