9 Feb / 2020(599)…BBL09(2019-20) A Review

This year’s BBL had a new format that had a very distinctive schedule that allowed five teams to have a chance to win the tournament. Hence we saw some unique performance from teams. The feature of this tournament was last four games before the Grand Finals. They were the Eliminator, Qualifier, Knockout and Challenger matche

A brief look at how teams progressed during this BBL09.  There were 61 matches played in this BBL. I have divided them into 3 phases. The first phase is first 20 games, followed by second phase from 21st game till 40th game, and the final phase from 41st game till the final game(61st)

Below table is how teams progressed with bat and bowl and points collected during these phases.

Sydney Sixers won this tournament because they peaked at last phase of the tournament, whereas Melbourne Stars lost because they started losing matches regularly once they reached the top of table.

If you look at data from above table and performance of teams from 41st match (last 21 games) you would notice both Sydney teams won maximum matches. Along with them Adelaide had a fair chance to make it to Grand Final. However it is the Stars who made the cut because of their excellent performance at start of this tournament. In past their bowling was an issue however this season they faired very well in this department. At end of 10 games(for all teams)they had the maximum wickets (72)with best Eco rate @7.52.

However it was the Sixers whose experience bowling from their International players paid dividends and helped them to win the title.


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