15 Sep / 2019(586)…Ashes 2019- Australia’s future rests on final days of Ashes.

The last 2 days of this series will decide the future of Australian test batsmen. If they are able produce miracle to salvage themselves from defeat, then they can happily keep their place in this squad. This marvel should be equal to Stokes’s historic match winning performance at Leeds. If not then we are sure to see a revamp Australian batting order for forthcoming series. The collapsible top-order will been seen as major change for this team.

This Ashes series can be a valuable template for them in test cricket. One saw Australia post 400 score(twice), and on other end not allow England to do the same in any tests!.

Nevertheless this was possible because of one man, viz Steve Smith, and if Australia wants to be Test Champions then they should not rely on one player to save or win every time. They need at least 3 to 4 match winners with equal contribution from others in their respective role.


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