26 Dec / 2017(499)…Dukes to Kookaburra England slow to adapt

Ashes 2017

England have lost the Ashes. One wonders whether brand of the ball is of  disadvantage for the tourist in Australia!.

In Australia Kookaburra ball is used at all level…although last year for the first time they used the Dukes ball as part of experiment, and was appreciated by players.

In England Dukes ball is used at all level. Before the Ashes England played two home series against South Africa and West Indies, and won quite easily. With the Dukes ball England bowlers picked 134 wickets in 14 inns compare to 115 by tourist in 13 inns.

Interestingly the new ball fetched English bowlers 29.10%, and 25.21 % for combined SA /WI.

In the ongoing Ashes series England picked 37 wickets(Boxing day test not included) and 12 came from new ball. Unlike Dukes ball England bowlers were less effective with new Kookaburra ball!.

Here is England’s detailed analysis with Dukes v/s Kookaburra brand and when it was new and old.

Note – The new ball range is 0-20 overs, and 20 overs after the second new ball is due.

Dukes v Kookaburra

Against the new ball(both brands) England batted consistently well at home and away. However while using the new Kookaburra ball, English bowling was mediocre.
Below is detailed statistical analysis
Bowling - At home new ball was very effective for their bowlers. Not the same down under where using Kookaburra they were hardly effective!.


All data is updated at end of 3rd Ashes Test.

Should cricket be played with a one universal brand of ball?  http://allthatcricket.com/4217/

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