30 Nov / 2017(497)…Women’s Ashes summary(2017-18) with T20I analysis

Women’s Ashes got over on 21st Nov 2017- Australia regained the Ashes. They drew one- off Test match, won the ODI series, however lost the T20I series.

                  Ashes summary 

There was lot of expectation and hype for this Women’s Ashes. England the World Cup champion. Australia the Ashes holder playing at home featuring one-off test match under lights!.

According to expectation the contest was equally matched, as both fought hard to strengthen their weakness. However, one thing was very apparent – both teams were undone when pressure was applied. 

England – fought back after being down

World Champions England started their tour poorly by losing the first 2 ODIs – they got back to rhythm by winning the 3rd ODI.

Their test campaign (under lights) was great as they batted first – but posted an ordinary score , then conceded a lead of -168 and eventually fought hard by batting out the last day to save the game.

This gave them confidence to compete in T20 series. After being 0-1 down, they went on to win the series 2-1

Australia – Fritter away opportunities (slack fielding)

Host Australia on the other fritter away opportunities especially their slack fielding.  They won the first 2 ODIs with great fight back , but saw some slack fielding in the last ODI that cost them the game.

Similar in one-off Test – after taking a lead of 168 they were not able to bowl out England in the 2nd innings. Their fielding on day 3 of the test match was very ordinary as few chances went begging.

Then in the last deciding T20 game, when defending a match winning total of 179, they dropped 4 easy catches!. This probably be their worst fielding performance

Below is T20I analysis of both teams.

T20I statistical analysis -Spinners had a greater impact!

In this series slow left arm orthodox spinner picked maximum(9) wickets. Overall spinners picked 34.37% of total wickets in this series.
For England they picked maximum wickets, but conceded more runs than their pace bowlers. Their pace bowlers conceded less runs but picked fewer wickets.
For Australia spinners conceded less runs, but picked less wickets. Their pace bowlers picked more wickets and conceded more runs.

Below gfx displays run rate and wickets for various type of bowlers in each phase of T20I series. Spinners had greater impact in first phase(1-6 overs) and 3rd phase(11-15th over)
Below are stats tables of batting and bowling of both teams. It features few new indices. They are
-2 consecutive dot balls
- 2 consecutives coring shots
1 consecutive boundaries
Spells/wkt - Wicket picked in first over of bowling change

England batting card with bat position(in bracket)
Australia batting card with bat position(in bracket)
England bowling card. Below table features pace bowlers
England bowling card. Below table features spin bowlers
Australia bowling card. Below table features pace bowlers
Australia bowling card. Below table features spin bowlers
England bowling partnerships. They had 13 different pair of bowlers
Australia bowling partnerships. They had 14 different pair of bowlers
England batting partnerships
Australia batting partnerships

To conclude this analysis – I stumbled upon a stat which  in today’s cricket is given less importance – viz Run outs.

This Women’s Ashes(7 matches) had 100 dismissals of which 8 were run outs. 

…8 % is considered to be very high in Int. cricket. 

Here is a stats table displaying run out dismissals for both men and women in all 3 format(all data updated at end of 1st Ashes test).

The stats clearly reflects higher % of run outs in women’s cricket!.  

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