5 Nov / 2017(493)…India’s ever changing playing XI in LOI(2017)

The limited over format is evolving so fast that one cannot fathom how teams can lose a game after winning their previous one with huge margin.

I believe one of the major reason is = Ever changing playing XI, viz teams are constantly changing their playing XI, either by resting or dropping players.

However at what cost ? should one use International matches as a platform to develop players or teams.. when the series is still open ?.

This suggest India is trying to build a pool of players(21 used so far in ODIs) in limited format. Their batting at top is very strong, but  not so in the middle -where they are still trying to get set of right batsmen to hold the fort –

In ODIs this year(2017) India have played 26 ODIs winning 19 games (73.00%) which is a huge success percentile for them…yet they have employed 21 players to play in the XI –

In T20I they have used 25 players for 9 games thought their success is very commendable @ 55.55% – 


Below ODI table is list of players in various batting position for India.

The No.5  has been taken by 8 different players – the maximum!.  This is followed by No.4 and than No.6 and No.7 –

Performance wise the openers are averaging 52.85 and 42.46 in No.1 and No.2 position and their brilliant performance is followed by No.3 -avg 56.15!.

Then after we see irregular performance from rest of the batting order – with M S Dhoni having the most success at No.5 – where he has scored 4 fifty including a century. Similarly to Dhoni other experienced  players like D Karthik and Yuvraj have been major contributor at No.4 –

However the young and in-experienced players have not yet performed.

One would have thought instead of giving opportunity to new players, the selectors can include experienced players who are either in the squad or churning consistent performance at domestic level every season. Ajinkya Rahane is one of the player who is type cast as an stand-by opener. Here he could play a major part in the middle-order, especially when top order fails to get a start. He along with D Karthik and Dhoni can be ideal set of experienced players in the middle order




Below T20I table is list of players in various batting position for India….. Same is the case with T20I.

The top three have done well for India than there is inconsistent performance. As we can clearly see the maximum players used for No.4 and No.5 –

Then rest of the batting just collapses with not a single fifty scored after No.4 position 

In above tables the data inside the table includes only big scores of fifty or more/ 25 or more for T20I-

The first row in both ODI and T20I table is average runs for each batting position(sum of runs scored by all players in particular position)


All data is updated at end of 2nd T20I – from Ind v NZ series -2017

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