5 Sep / 2017(477)…Matt Renshaw


Unlike any other Aussie batsmen Matt Renshaw is extremely slow starter to his innings. In first 10-overs he scores every 7 balls which is the slowest for any batsman in today’s test cricket!. Then he gets better with scoring shots. In his short test career of 9-test he manage to bat for long hour and deep into the innings.


I think if a player is able to bat whole session than he can be credited as a decent test batsman. It is a good benchmark irrespective of their batting position. On average 30 overs are bowled in one session, and so far in 6 inns Renshaw batted for more than 30 overs -including one marathon performance where he batted till 94th over scoring 184 runs against Pakistan at SCG. It shows great deal of maturity for a 21 year old who is not even played 25 first class matches.

Renshaw's role play and his inning's advancement

Below table is a snap shot analysis of his short Int. career – The last column in first table clearly indicates his ability to bat long hours. In 18 innings only once he was dismissed inside 3 overs, and 5 times he batted > 30 overs. In sub-continent Renshaw played 5 test matches – in those he batted for more than 30 overs in 4 innings.

Innings advancement - In the second table we look at his progression through 10 overs phase. It clearly suggest how slow he scores in first 10 overs of team's innings, nevertheless after 25th over he scores them regularly.
Openers are prone to be dismissed early in their innings - and Renshaw is no different with 5 of his dismissals coming inside 10 overs but with enough balls faced!.

Innings advancement

All data updated at end of 1st Test  in Mirpur


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