7 Aug / 2017(470)…Batting resurrection

Recently test batting in 2nd innings has become much easy for teams(either is 3rd innings or 4th innings of the match). Even if teams have conceded of 100 or more runs lead they are still able to post decent 2nd innings score.

Since 2016 (71 tests, not the 4th test @ Old Trafford ) there were 20 scores of 300 plus runs in 2nd innings ( 5 x 400 scores).

In the ongoing series in England, the second innings scores – both England and South Africa have similar batting performance. Same is the case in Sri Lanka where both India and host Sri Lanka have done well with the bat.


Below is the list of comparison of 1st inn v 2nd Inn since Jan 2016.  I have included 4 general indicators to see the difference. Along with it i have added couple of information – viz No. of times teams went to score 300 or more and centuries scored by batsmen.


Second innings batting and lead behind 100 or more runs

The first two tables stats includes all test matches played since 2016 - The comparison of 1st v 2nd innings are in rows- The columns feature general indicators.

The last two tables stats includes test matches in which teams were 100 or more runs behind lead
Both Sri Lanka and South Africa have healthy second innings stats
In table below teams like New Zealand and West Indies have decent 2nd innings stats
Chances of winning or saving a test is very less when your behind 100 or more runs in lead!. There have been 45 instances where teams were 100 or more runs behind, and only 5 were either won or drawn- suggesting 88.88% success for teams that got 100+ lead.
Yet both Sri Lanka and South Africa have batted well in the 2nd innings after getting a lead of > 100 runs.
All data updated from Jan 2016 till end of 2nd SL v Ind test. The 4th test between Eng v SA is not included.


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