25 Mar / 2017(451)…Border-Gavaskar series -The bounce(height)so far.

A brief stats look at comparison of bounce that pitch had in Border-Gavaskar series. Ranchi(the 3rd test) had more bounce than Pune and Bangalore, and was less uneven!.

The height of the ball

Below stats table displays bounce that all bowlers gained in the ongoing Border-Gavaskar series. The height is measured when batsman's plays a shot(or not) either front or back. The length is defined by bowler hence it is measured where it is pitched and not during the contact. Below stats clearly suggests Ranchi had more bounce compared to previous tests...4.76% of them were above waist height. In below table wickets are in brackets and balls that were bowled in range of length/height are in each cell. E.g in 3 tests -51 balls were bowled short at chest height, and at Ranchi it was 36!.
All tests (Pune, Bangalore, Ranchi).
3rd Test (Ranchi)

In previous games the bounce > waist

  • Pune was  1.43% of total balls bowled(was only able to record/cover 75% overs that were bowled)
  • Bangalore was 4.64% of total balls bowled – out of which 60 % were uneven/unpredictable.

All data are updated at end of 3rd Test.

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