17 Oct / 2012(110)Acting….playing a part!.

I am passionate about Art. My early years were dedicated to dance, music and films.I had the privilege to learn from the best. I take this opportunity to use this <Going Beyond> page to share my experiences.   I hope you enjoy my thoughts.   

Acting..Playing a part 


An actor needs to self- analysis his character not the method of his/her acting. The method in which he/she acts, gets learned over period of time, and there are innumerable ways of understanding, learning and performing them.

More research and reading by an actor will strength his knowledge, eventually creating a tendency. This finally will be displayed whenever he/she is in front of camera or on stage. Coming back to self-analysis of character. This has to be done all the time. Always asking question, would my character do this?. If the actor is not sure, than he/she can consult experienced actors, or ‘research more’ to find answer. In theater though, after say, 100 shows, an actor can manufacture a trend or pattern, giving the character a growth & wings. – but always linear not angular. (fruit is not vegetable, and vegetable is not fruit) E.g – a character playing beggar’s part. After interval or few scenes, if the beggar starts stealing, than he is no more a beggar, he is a thief!. The actor has drifted his character, and it usually happens at beginning of one’s career. It takes patience, practice and repetition. Then the body ultimately tunes in, and actor gets synched with his character. There are so many actors in Bollywood who are making mistakes of drifting their character. In their defense, “its shade to their character”.here is my first video on acting and films. Hope you all like it and can be of some use. Acting….playing a part!.

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