23 Jul / 2012Just like a wind…scores are high!.


ODI series. India in Sri Lanka


1st ODI – Analysis in GFX

2nd game, Hambantota.

It was during World Cup 1996 that one first saw a score of 300 in Sri Lanka, as the host scored 398 against Kenya.

Since then there have 21 instances of teams scoring 300 or more, and India being the latest to post 314 in the first ODI game.

Interestingly most teams were able to score 300 plus(13times) post July month which happens to be a monsoon & windy season in Sri Lanka!.

Hambantota(venue for 1st & 2nd ODI game ) is at south coast of Sri Lanka, & southwest monsoon has just began, hence the weather would be more unpredictable, depending on heavy currents and waves from southwest sea.

Fascinatingly average score for team batting first at Hambantota is 291 (in 5games), and not surprisingly four times teams have won while batting first… with huge margin!.

Toss factor should not be an issue for teams to decide whether to bat first or bowl first, because the windy condition to some extent might be upsetting the fielding/bowling side, but at same time it won’t allow the pitch to disintegrate, as constant blow of air will keep the surface fresh and true.


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