9 Dec / 2015(362)….The Frank Worrell Trophy: Rich history does not help you win games.

Nobody becomes a champion by being loud!. By shouting none have won any tournament or a game in any sport, a fact many fail to understand. What matters is your skill execution under various situation.

I strongly believe West Indies need to take the NZ path of preparing their processes. If one has to look at BLACKCAPS(New Zealand)last 3 years performance, they had great success at home and away, yet never once they were pretentious about it.

Currently West Indies cricket is going through a lot of problems, viz political infighting, financial misconduct, conflict of self-interest. Adding to this there is fast decline of West Indies cricket. Now it has become difficult for them to win a home series!. Their performance in all format has been miserable. Hence it is advisable for their coaching staff to focus on cricket and not talk loud to media. As it is easy to get carried away by one’s rich history, but it has no bearing on current situation.

To compete with Australia, West Indies need to play cricket of International standard. They need to look for weaker areas of Australia’s batting. Australia most times rely on their batting to win a cricket match, and at the moment their key players are David Warner and Steve Smith. 

 Chances of getting Warner out in the first 10- overs is very high. This year 36.84% of the time he got out inside the 10th over (7/19 inns)….however if you don’t get him early, than you would be getting a leather hunt from him. His recent form(Avg 58, St .Rate 78.79, scoring rate 36.71, boundary rate 10.41, and above all his ratio balls faced/innings is 73.68!!)  suggests that he wants to bat long and deep into the Australian innings, inevitably increasing the appetite for big scores(77-0-64-85-162-116-249-24-1-35, are his last 10 inns).. He will give opportunities early in his innings, and one has to grasp them. This can be done if the fielding is up to International standard, especially slip fielders who can convert near chances to complete one. Same philosophy is applied to his partner Joe Burns, who likes to get on with the game.

If you get them cheaply and early, than the middle order is exposed to fairly newish ball, and if condition is ever slightly conducive to movement, than Australia will be fighting hard to post decent score. The middle-order is always vulnerable if top-order caves in.    

In last 10 Test (since WC2015) Australia lost maximum of their wickets(19) inside the 10th over, and in those David Warner was dismissed 7 times!!. 


Here is detailed statistical analysis(phase-wise performance in last 10 Test matches) of Australia’s top batsmen who will be playing in the current Frank Worrell Trophy. 











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