1 Dec / 2015(360)…Review of Trans Tasmanian series in Aus(2014-15)


 A review of recently concluded Trans Tasmanian series. This series favored batsmen (albeit Adelaide day night Test) hence not surprisingly the new ball (from 0-20 overs and another 20 overs of second new ball which is taken any time after the 80th over)produced only 14 wickets(out of 93) for both teams, i.e 15.05% wickets fell to new cherry.

Both teams lost only 7 wickets each with New Zealand(13.46%) using it better than Australia (17.07%)


 There is always temptation to compare against other series. Hence I quickly looked into post WC2015 Tests, and took only the first new ball(0-20 overs)into consideration – Not surprisingly the new ball has been effective picking 19.46% of total wickets that fell in 34 Tests played at end of Adelaide game(1st Dec, 2015)



                                Performance Indicators – Australia(bat/bowl) 





                 Performance Indicators – New Zealand (Bat/Bowl) 



                                               Partnerships indicators 

Below graphic clearly indicates a rise and fall for both teams in batting partnerships . Interestingly for Australia, they started the series with  grand style, as the first 3 Inns produced opening century stand(Avg 91.17) overall 5 successive(4 consecutive)century stand from Oval Test(last Ashes Test). 


                                                     Australia batting partnerships with all indicators

                                                       New Zealand batting partnerships with all indicators



                                  Batting phases for Australia 




                                               Batting phases for New Zealand 


Here is a link to all the stats indicators http://allthatcricket.com/?p=1489

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