15 Jul / 2015(329)…The Ashes -1st Test – performance card


                                          The Ashes -1st Test – performance card.

                                            1st Ashes Test, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff.


 Note- I have renamed role play into Partnership runs/partners(3rd column in batting card). These are sum of partnerships runs scored when a particular batsman was at the crease. They are inclusive of extras. Number of partnerships is after the hyphen. Slide2



  1-aus bowl




1-eng bowl




    Australia’s Target : 412 in 2 days(approx 180 overs)




Eco rate indicators  meaning
C M Consecutive Maidens
C 3 Consecutive less than 3 runs
L 3 Less than 3 runs/over
6 + 6 or more runs/over
10+ 10 or more runs/over


Here is a link to all the stats indicators http://allthatcricket.com/?p=1489

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