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England bowled better than India in the first Test. Due to few missed opportunities and perhaps bowling a bit shortish, the result did not reflect their effort. Here is a table of few primary indicators which shows economical they were, containing and creating opportunities.

The figure in the table is sum of both inns. England bowled in 2 inns, and India in 1.

C M – Consecutive maiden overs. E.g – 0,0,0 = C M: 2!

C 3 – Consecutive overs conceding 3 or less runs. E.g: 0,3,3,1 =C 3 =3

L 3 – Less than 3 runs/over . E.g 0.1,3,4,6. = L 3 =2

England bowling 

england bowling 1st test



Here is how Indian bowlers performed in one Inns. 

india 1st inn bowling

And here is a link to all indicators and formulas -http://allthatcricket.com/?p=1489

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