28 May / 2014(235)…IPL7: Chasing >150, Defending(160-190)

A quick look at teams success while chasing (Batting) more than 150 runs in current IPL.  Punjab has immaculate record of 100 % success, followed by Chennai who manage 3 win in 4 games.

Kolkata and Mumbai were asked to chase 6 times, and succeeded 4 times.

Chasing >150: 21 wins, 17 lost 


Top 4 Batsmen contribution: the 2nd column in this table shows % contribution by top 4 batsmen in each team. Kolkata’s top 4 have contributed the most, followed by Hyderabad and Chennai.

Interestingly while chasing 150, both Punjab/ Mumbai top 4 have contributed less, it’s their middle and lower order which has successfully chased down these targets. Maybe that is one of the reason Punjab is scoring 10.29/ over (highest run/rate).

Boundary rate: Punjab’s rate is excellent, on average 15 fours/100 balls, and 8 sixes/100 balls. Kolkata surprisingly has the least six hitting percentage, 4/100 balls!.

Big overs:(10+ runs/overs)  Punjab has the most dangerous onslaught in terms of scoring big overs (10+runs/over) in a 20 over match. When they chase >150, almost 50(49.53%) percentage of their overs are above 10 runs. Chennai, Kolkata & Mumbai have less than 40.00%.

Below is gfx table for Chasing 150+

2014 (150) chasing


In this IPL we saw contrasting trends when defending targets.

Therefore let us look at target between 160-190. Overall 19 times teams were given this target(160-190) and 10 were successful defending, and 9 could not defend…which makes this play-off more interesting!.

Here is how teams fared when they defended target(160-190)

Mumbai have done exceedingly well, winning all 3 games defending (160-190).

In terms of run rate, Kolkata have the least runs/over conceded (7.32) and also conceded least boundaries(constraint in conceding sixes). Chennai is close behind KKR in terms of economical rate. They are bit better in conceding sixes,@ 3.30. Their run-rate is less than 8 and not surprisingly have the maximum percentage of L 5 ( less than 5 runs/over)@40.23%.

Below is gfx table for defending target (160-190) 2014 defending(160-190)

All stats are updated at end of game no. 56, IPL7. Her is a link to all indicators and explanation http://allthatcricket.com/?p=1489


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