29 Apr / 2014(228)…(IPL)1st Batting analysis

Some fascinating ups and downs for teams in IPL. The first bat avg score reflects how their team is performing overall.

Here is a snap shot of how teams have performed overall in IPL…

This year, surprisingly Bangalore (although only twice they batted) are averaging only 97 while batting first, compare to 179 last year with 75% win … Jaipur (1 game) might exceed their overall 1st bat avg score this year, they had 100.00% 1st batting win last year!!….

Chennai seems to be the most consistent and improved side….Delhi being the most inconsistent team in IPL, inspite having great players in past, their batting has let them down … Hyderabad surprisingly did well last year, with 87.50% win (1st bat)inspite team avg score of 134.. This year they seem to be having the best opening pair of batsmen/bowlers, they need to turn around….Dhawan should take some advice from Sammy….Kolkata has been consistent side in last few years, they bat well first up…for Mumbaikars fans, hope their nightmare is over once they land in India…J last year they had 100.00% win 1st bat. ..Punjab is having a dream run..and if Mitchell Johnson in Indian pitches can strike fear with new ball, than Punjab will might surprise all and win the tournament!.


Here is gfx  of 8 teams that took part in all IPL tournament. 

2014 MUMBAI2014- PUNJAB 1ST BAT2014-1st bat chennai2014-1st bat DELHI2014-1ST BAT HYDE2014-banglore 1st bat2014-jaipur(19)game




Chasing pattern. As the tournament (IPL 7) closes in UAE, there is a huge drop in team score (1st bat)..since 14th game when Bangalore were bowled out for 70!.

2014-chasing pattern



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