27 Jun / 2024T20WC2024- A bowler’s paradise

In modern day cricket this World Cup reflects how cricket was played on uncovered pitches in the 1900s, a bowler’s paradise!.  This coming after a high scoring IPL event, which had the most runs scored in a single event!.

As we are few days away from the finals, it is well understood  this edition of T20WC has been the lowest runs scoring tournament…. yet from the Super 8 round (in 13 matches), there were only 6 bowlers who conceded less than 6 runs per over and surprisingly 26 players conceded more than 8 runs/over.

This analysis is based on players who bowled at least 24 balls in Super 8, and there were 46 of them. Overall 59 players bowled in round 2 (Super 8)

It is also very interesting to note, that 63% of bowlers did not bowl their full quota of 4-overs. This is due to teams getting bowled out before the 20th over and/or more optional bowlers used -This stat is based on 153 players bowling of which 96 did not finish their quota of 4-overs.

 Here is list of bowlers who bowled at least 24 balls in Super 8 

Super 8 - Bowling analysis of eight teams

Below analysis features those bowled at least 24 balls in Super 8


Let us look at how these run rate progressed in each over for  teams in Super 8 

Below gfx is how each Bowling team progressed over by over collectively in 3/4 matches they have played so far. Here I have used 3 indicators and one raw data (# of wkts)to reflect contrasting effect.

The first column is run-rate, which is followed by % L 4 ( 4 or less runs/over) and 10 % which is contrasting to L 4 . The 10% reflects big overs (10+ runs/over). The last column is number of wicket that fell in that over

Over progression in Super 8 and first SF

There were 12 matches played in Super 8 and 13th was 1st SF
1st Bowl - Aus (3 ), Afg(1) Ban(2) Eng(3), SA (2), USA (1) WI (1)
2nd Bowl - Ind (3) Afg(2) Ban(1) SA(2), USA(2), WI (2)

Net Run rate – Below is how teams managed their NRR in Super 8.

Having only 8 teams in round 2 is less of a challenge especially when you start the tournament with 20 teams!. The importance of NRR and “entertainment” part of the tournament is missed out!.

Here I personally believe the length of tournament should be balanced, i.e equal number of matches or have similar format like they have franchise tournaments, i.e play-off featuring Challenger, Eliminator, Qualifiers.



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