29 May / 2023IPL 2023 – The finalist (GT v CSK) Equally matched with no quarter given

A brief look at two finalist who had consistent success throughout the tournament

We look at those two key indicators  % C6 and % L 5/wkt to measure success in batting/bowling

Both C 6 and L 5/wkt have been the key difference in winning and losing in this IPL.

% C 6 represents consecutive overs (back to back) that fetched 6+ R/O

% L 5/wkt represents over that went for < 5 Runs and featured >1 wkt (all type).

Now let us see “gap factor” of these two indices

A gap factor is Bat minus Bowl, and vice versa

For e.g in the last encounter between CSK v GT (playoff)

C 6

CSK scored 172 that had 59 % of its overs in C 6, and in reply GT had 40.91% – The gap for CSK is 18.11%

L 5 /Wkt

CSK had 2 overs that fetched 5 or less runs/ wkt = 2/20 =10%

GT had 4 overs that fetched 5 or less runs/wkts = 4/20 18.20

Therefore the gap for CSK is 8.35%


Below are two gfx stats display of both finalist, observing their progress in each match







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