3 Jan / 2014(213)…2013-14 Ashes analysis in GFX.

In a Test match, usually there is always a high percentile of boundaries and maidens, in the first 20 overs of an innings. Its how they keep their momentum as innings progresses.

Australia have done extremely well. They managed to maintain their scoring rate inspite losing wickets at regular intervals. Their scoring rate remains same(especially boundaries and singles) and never allowed English bowlers to bowl many maidens, or overs which has L 3 (<= 3/runs), same time regularly maintaining substantial overs (>=6 runs/overs).

Keeping the 10 over concept. Let us look at progress both teams have made in every 10 overs, and find out which particular phase of 10 overs they performed better, or poorly. These stats are exclusive to each phase.

Both Australia and England are losing at least 1 wicket in each set phase(0-10,11-20,… so on) hence few times both could not bat beyond 100 overs(Australia twice, England thrice). Therefore have used 100 as the maximum overs for projection.  Let us look at few relevant indicators and see its balance. All figures are exclusive of each phase. In table below boundaries includes sixes.


Australia always maintained their scoring rate(both singles & boundaries) and it never dropped below their base rate. Whereas England’s approach towards batting is reflected in this table. Not only their boundary rate was far and few, it was their approach to rotate strike was less encouraging.Its shows their inability to look for runs.

2014 ashes over phase


Most wickets overseas: At end of current 4th Ashes Test, S Broad is the highest wicket taker(17) for England.In 2010-11 Ashes( in Australia), it was J Anderson who in 5 Tests picked 24 wickets.

Here is a list of most wickets taken in Test history for oversea bowlers.


Here is an interesting table featuring the progress of each team @end of every 10 overs. The stats in this table is average score & R/O at end of 10th over, 20th over ….and so on. It calculates of sum of all divided by No. of inns(1st inn/2nd inn) played by each teams. 


Here is Australia’s scores in Ashes series (2013-14) 2014 aus score ashes


Here is England’s scores  in Ashes series (2013-14)

2014 score england

All data updated at end of 5th Ashes Test 2013.

Here is a link to meaning of all indicators/formula – http://allthatcricket.com/?p=1489


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