29 Dec / 2013(211)…Test openers 50s/100s(St. Rate >70.00)

Chris Rogers 116 @ MCG (4TH Ashes Test)was 200th >50 scores- by all openers since 1st Jan 2010.

Surprisingly Rogers St.Rate was 74.83!.  Fascinatingly 24% of these >50 scores has St.Rate >70.00!.

Sadly for England, whose openers manage to score max No. of >50 scores (36) have only two St.Rate >70.00. A Cook & A Strauss had theirs against Bangladesh.

Here is a list of all 50s/100s scored by Test openers, & their St.Rate >70, since 2010. list of Test 50s(4th Test)


There were 85 Test centuries scored in this list of >50s, and out of that 23 had a strike rate of above 70.00.

Here is a list of boundary pattern by Test openers. India, and surprisingly Bangladeshi openers have maximum boundary riders!. Not surprisingly England is right down above Zimbabwean openers.

boundary rate of fiftes

All data updated at end of 4th Ashes Test @MCG. The 1st Inns of Durban Test is included(openers of both teams are dismissed).

 Here is a link to meaning of all indicators/formula – http://allthatcricket.com/?p=1489

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