14 Aug / 20232023 – India tour of West Indies (5-match T20I series)

India finish their West Indies with a series loss in T20I format. This format is fickle to those teams who treat it simiarly to ODI cricket. I believe teams(at all level) are still trying to find right combination, tactics, method. So far none of the teams at Int. level have been dominating this format.


Here is brief statisitcal analysis



Win loss/gap  factor


Theory that suggests boundary hitting is key to winning is not entirely correct – if you look at these indices you will see teams that win have less gap in boundary rate, but have huge gap in > C 6 overs or other eco indies.

Then if we look at

  • % overs with boundaries – only marginal difference (70%-67%)
  • 10+ overs with only one boundary – margin is one, but it encourages teams, boundary is not “only” option for big overs.




Bowling analysis






Team's analysis




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