5 Oct / 2021(648)…T20 : 10% contribution from batsmen

I have devised few criteria for T20 cricket that can help us evaluate a batsman’s performance. These can be used as point system for MVP table.

  • In cricket’s all format staying at the crease is the most fundamental game-plan or skill a batsman should have.

Once you stay at the crease, you are bound to be involved in partnerships and also can produce some runs for yourself. If a batsman can stay around for minimum 2 overs irrespective how many balls he faces or does not face than his contribution to his team is 10%

Staying at crease will deny bowling team his/her wicket, which in turn will help your NRR in some way.

  • The second criteria for batsman is to be involved in 20+ runs partnerships, irrespective how many he scores. This way he is part of substantial partnership that has denied a wicket and produced some runs to team’s total.
  • The third criteria is personal score of 25+ Runs. For batsman who bat way down the order, or come into to bat with only < 5 overs its very difficult to score 25 runs. Its not so difficult for top order batsman.


If a batsman has been involved in all three aspect of this stats than his contribution is 30% to his team.

These criteria can be of great help in selection process. It would not only measure top order batsmen, but also lower order tail-end batsmen.


Here is a look at how batsmen have performed in the ongoing IPL -2021












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