24 Oct / 2013(191)…Death overs India are the best since new rule.


Since the new rule regulation of 5 fielders inside 30-yard circle, India has conceded least runs in last 10 overs. Here is a series wise look for India.


new law Mts Won Avg runs conceded in last 10 overs
Pak in India (2012-13) 2 1 48
Eng in Ind( 2013) 5 3 71
ICC in Eng(2013) 5 5 58
In WI(tri series)2013 5 3 56
In ZMB(2013) 5 5 55
Aus in Ind(2013) 3 1 100
Total 25 18 63.84


The credit goes to Australia’s batting for taking the attack to Indian bowling. Indian bowling in the death overs is the most successful since new rule was passed. No other teams manage to concede  less runs!. 


 Here is a link to meaning of all ndicators/formula – http://allthatcricket.com/?p=1489


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