21 Feb / 2013(130)…3rd T20I England in New Zealand, Wellington, 15th Feb.

3rd T20 ENG

Note – In <Dismissal Method> i have described(from Cricinfo’s commentary explanation)how a batsman got out. Nevertheless it does not mean a particular type of shot should be avoided,  never….  because shot selection in itself is not a weakness, its  the process of how its played, when its played, what type of ball, and where its played, has to be redefined always. T20 will eventually redefine all skills, and in few years time, we would have players(of all skills) having the best technique, and best fitness, and they would not be type casted for one particular format, but for all, and will be participating in all.

In my performance scorecard, am hoping to put this column on regular basis.


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