21 Feb / 2013(128)…Australia in India 2013.

2013-Aus in India- Intro Note: Whatever is said in this video is my personal opinion and thoughts. My opinion and thoughts are based on data i have collected over the years. And especially covering Australian cricket extensively, which is rich with natural talent and skill. It has truly reflected in their performance in last few decades. Since Nov 1998, in 169 Test matches, they have gone beyond 1st Inns big scores (>400) 87times, and overall(including 2nd inns) 98 times. 87/169 = 51.47% of times Australia scores above 400 in 1st Inns.

Here is a link to Indian preview http://youtu.be/K3O-mMyOkeQ 

Here is a link to Australian preview http://youtu.be/FjASIuCsN6U      


 Day 1 Analysis : : http://allthatcricket.com/?p=4590

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