19 Feb / 2016(388)… T20I: Bowlers reining

Based on last 7 T20 Int matches, bowlers have an upper hand, hence teams are not able to post big score consistently, especially in these two series – Ind v SL & SA v Eng. Analysis is based on 3 series recently played by Int. teams(Ind, Aus, SL, SA, and Eng)between Jan-Feb 2016.  

Brief analysis of T20I

It is not as if batsman are not able to bat freely, they do, as the runs scored in power play is very healthy, but it is after that in second phase of the innings where they get rocked back. There is fall in run-rate between 7-10th over.
t20-7 games 2Link to all indicators and formulas
It is the combination of spin and pace that has dented the run –rate. The run-rate in power play from 7.81(both inns) falls to 6.14 in next phase(7-10), than it climbs a bit to 7.40 (11-15) and ends at 8.21(last 5 overs).
In below table the L 5(Less than 5 runs/over) in powerplay is 35.60% and that climbs to 48% in next phase, and same is the case with C 5 (consecutive overs of less than 5 runs), it begins at 14.51% (Powerplay), than it climbs to 18% in 2nd phase(7-10) and continues to do @ 21.37% in 3rd phase(11-15) and drops little to 19.42% in last 5 overs.
T20-7 GAMES PHASESThere is clear fluctuation in C 5 & L 5 indicators.

All data updated at end of 1st T20I between SA v Eng on 19th Feb, 2016






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