13 Oct / 2011THE MAGIC EYE: A dominant factor for left-handed batsman.

Here is a video explaining the importance of magic eye and why left-handers are suspect to right- arm bowlers bowling round the wicket.


2 011 Test matches.

So far 22 Test matches have been played at end of of 1st Test (Pak v SL)Oct (18-22)2011.



There have been 124 “L B W” dismissals for bowlers, which constitutes 17.61% of total wickets(704 wickets). It’s the second most regular dismissals after wicket-keeper’s catch(20.31%)

Yet, this is the most sought out & satisfying dismissals for every bowler, as it defines/epitomize his accuracy!.

Out of 124 L B W victims, 70(56.45%) were dismissed for low scores(10 or less score), & 50(40.32%) were left-handers.


Here is a absolute look at L B W dismissals in Test matches played in 2011. 



A – List of  L B W dismissals for right hand & left hand batsmen by various bowlers.

Type of Bowlers  Left hand batsman Right hand batsman  Total
Right arm pace 20 40 60
Off spinners 17 12 29
Left arm pace 11 1 12
Slow left arm spin 1 15 16
Leg break spin 1 6 7
Total  50 74 124


B- List of batsmen dismissed L B W for low score (10 or less). 

Type of Bowlers Left hand batsman Right hand batsman  Total
Right arm pace 11 25 36
Off spinners 9 7 16
Left arm pace 6 0 6
Slow left arm spin 1 6 7
leg break Spin 1 4 5
Total 28 42 70

All data processed at end of 2nd ODI Aus -SA (23rd Oct 2011

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