21 Aug / 2013(177 ) Shivaji Park: Training Ground






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As last Ashes Test starts today, i recall my playing days, and where it all started for me:)

My first cricket lesson was learned here, Shivaji Park.

It was summer of 1980, after I passed my VIIIth class I joined Archrekar’s nets. Played learned cricket for  4 whole years(morning(7-10) evening batches(4-7). During holidays, every day we would play a friendly 50 over match (Morning batch v/s Evening batch).

Within 6 months of my training two wonderful things happened.

1- bought my first cricket bat Hansford Hanfo (not sure about the last word)

2- I was selected (30 player squad)for Bombay under-15…..sadly for some weird policy few of us (including Praveen Amre) didn’t make the final cut. The selectors based their policy on lottery ticket policy viz “draw lots” to elect players.

Anyway we moved on, and after few years got selected@ Under 19 level. And since then i was on and off playing this wonderful game -but not entirely out of touch.

Pictures was taken on one afternoon last month…..and it all came back 🙂

Here is letter of recommendation/certificate from Sir Achrekar – Those days i was known as Sanjay Rao.


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