20 Apr / 2012Run-outs(How to reduce them)-I

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Run- outs(How to reduce them)



Running between wickets is important, so is the speed in which they run. But these are not as important as ‘quick decision-making’. The decision to take or not take a run


Here hesitancy is always the culprit, leading to confusion and finally …run-outs


To reduce this, players need to understand each other well.

Hence, during training, players need to practice in pairs. This enables them to understand each other well when they run between wickets, thereby reducing run-outs drastically

Hence, in training if players can practice together in various set of pair, than understanding of running between wickets becomes stronger, and run-outs can be reduced to larger extend.


In a cricket team, openers usually have a better understanding of each other for the following reasons :



1-   They know in advance that they have to bat together. This gives them more time to understand each other.


2-   The initial period (first 5 overs of a test match) of an innings enables them to find out about each other’s strengths & weaknesses while taking runs.


1-  3-  The pace of an innings is set by them. Constant rotation of the strike is a major factor for teams to set the trend early in the innings, especially in a Test match. It also allows the players, who follow, to bat comfortably.


If batsman have better understanding than 18% (all formats dismissals)can be reduced.






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