13 Jun / 2011Minnows slow rise to Int.Cricket.

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A rotation policy in cricket (especially if bowlers are rested)is always questioned by all(especially in cricket) hence I feel if ICC can add minnows in FTP on regular basis, in where each major team can play International matches (3ODIs /2T20Is) home/away against at least 1 minnow team every year.

This will automatically create more opportunity for cricketers from top teams to participate allowing key players to rest, and  at same time each minnow team would have played 10 ODIs/15 T20Is/per year which will only strength their chances against top teams.

Today at this juncture of Int. Cricket, Bangladesh is beating teams like West Indies & New Zealand on regular basis(at least in one format), which is a direct result of matches they have been played in last 5years!

This is direct result of the amount of Int cricket they have played in recent past. Bangladesh who once were the minnow of Int. Cricket,  have in last 5 years played 176 Int matches (Jan 01, 2007- Dec 1, 2012)!.

This is 48.35% of their total 364 Int.matches they have played  since their introduction to Int. cricket in 1986.

Their success in last 5years has been commendable, especially in shorter format. Here is how they stand at 30.68% as overall success rate!.

Jan 1, 2007- Dec 1, 2012

Format    Mts   Won    Success Rate 

Test          31       2            6.45 %

ODIs       120      45          37.50%

T20I         25       7           28.00%

To conclude, if minnows are given more opportunity to play international cricket, than rotation policy will eventuate, allowing cricket to grow and expand all over the world. This will lead to “Total Cricket”, in where every player is able to  perform various skills, to effect result in their favor.




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