25 Apr / 2018(516)…A keeper’s view : A panoramic one

Keeper’s View 

A wicket-keeper is the only player in the team who watches every ball bowled, and where it ended. Ideally  he is a better judge of a run, because of their awareness on what is happening on the field.

Awareness Key to Decision Making skills

Hence keepers have awareness in what is happening on the field.  While keeping they have their eyes all over the field which gives them sense of how many runs can be taken based on field position. Therefore when they are batting, they can be a better judge of a run irrespective how fast or slow they run between the wickets.

Run-out Dismissals – 27.27 % Keeper’s involvement

In the ongoing IPL(2018) we had 44 run outs –  8.39% of total wickets, which is regular outcome of this particular dismissals in limited over tournament of any level. Nevertheless shockingly keepers were involved in 12 run-outs which constitutes 27.27% of total run-outs!.


Interestingly only twice keepers were run-out, but 9 times were involved as a partner to those run-outs!. Here I am suggesting being a keeper they have better understanding of field placements and making a right call.

I have penned down a list of all run-outs in this year’s IPL – (all data at end of 48th game).

The red marked are keepers that were either run-outs or were involved in one. Here I took the liberty of including Brendon McCullum’s name in the below table, however for stats calculation I have excluded him, as he was not keeping for RCB.

Rishab Pant, they young Delhi’s wicket-keeper was involved in 4 run-outs!.


Match No. Over No. Team Run out batsman Partner involved in run out(non-striker’s end)
2 15 DD Gambhir Tewatia
4 1 RR D Short Rahane
4 20 RR Unadkat D Kulkarni
5 9 KKR Uthappa D Karthik (wk-keeper)
6 2 RR D Short Rahane
6 1 DD C Munro Maxwell
8 19 RCB Mandeep Woakes
14 16 MI K Pandya Rohit
15 20 RR D Kulkarni Buttler (wk-keeper)
15 9 KKR S Narine Uthappa
18 10 KKR N Rana C Lynn
19 5 RCB De Kock (wk-keeper) Kohli
20 17 CSK Rayudu S Raina
21 16 MI Rohit Pollard
22 12 DD Christian  S Iyer
23 6 SRH Shakib Williamson
23 17 SRH S Kaul Yusuf Pathan
24 20 RCB Grandhome Negi
24 20 RCB Negi Washington
24 18 CSK Rayudu Dhoni (wk-keeper)
25 17 KKXI Sran R Ashwin
26 20 DD Maxwell S Iyer
26 16 KKR Gill Russell
30 20 CSK Rayudu Dhoni (wk-keeper)
30 7 DD S Iyer Pant R (wk-keeper)
31 15 RCB B McCullum (former-keeper) Kohli
31 12 MI Duminy Hardik P
32 12 RR Tripati Gowtham
34 13 KKXI Yuraj K Nair
35 16 RCB U Yadav Southee
35 17 RCB Siraj Southee
36 2 DD Maxwell P Shaw
36 17 DD N Ojha R Pant (wk-keeper)
39 20 SRH Rashid K Bhuv K
39 20 SRH S Kaul Bhuv K
40 18 RR S Binny Stokes
40 14 KKXI Axar Patel Stoinis
41 4 KKR Lynn Uthappa
41 10 KKR D Karthik (wk-keeper) N Rana
42 8 DD S Iyer Pant R (wk-keeper)
42 14 DD H Patel Pant R (wk-keeper)
43 20 CSK Billings Dhoni (wk-keeper)
43 12 RR Samson Buttler (wk-keeper)
46 14 CSK Watson Rayudu
47 12 KKXI R Ashwin Axar P
47 12 KKXI M Sharma Axar P
47 12 KKXI A Rajpoot Axar P


Here is a list of teams that were involved in run-outs

IPL-2018 Wkts lost Run-outs % run outs
CSK 56 5 8.93
DD 66 9 13.64
KKR 77 6 7.79
KKXI 78 6 7.69
MI 71 3 4.23
RCB 66 7 10.61
RR 80 7 8.75
SRH 66 4 6.06
48 games 560 47 8.39


A quick check on No. of run-outs in the history of Int. cricket.

Here is a table on run-outs at Int. cricket. All data taken from Cricinfo and are updated at end of Day 3 of Ireland v  Pakistan test inaugural test match.

I also took the liberty of finding its regularity- It seems since last year (Jan 1, 2017) there is considerable drop in this dismissals(run-outs).


To conclude this post – there is rise in Run outs in ongoing IPL tournament. Since the 40th game 12.63% of them were run-outs – rising from 7.52 to 12.63!!.

Data Credits: https://www.crichq.com/  http://www.espncricinfo.com/  https://www.cricket.com.au/  http://www.cricbuzz.com/

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