18 May / 2018(517)..IPL XI(2018)Most success for host teams

The 11th edition of IPL XI is closing up. The results shows host teams have won maximum matches 65.38% this year. There are 4 more matches remaining before the play-offs. It appears 5 teams are vying for 2 spots in play-off. With only Delhi Daredevils not having any chance to make it.

These 5 teams can also lose their spot if they don’t win their remaining one match.

The teams are Kings XI Punjab, Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Rider, Mumbai Indians & Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Below is a list of how teams progressed in this IPL. Both Hyderabad and Chennai were off the blocks with successive wins, then started to lose their momentum.

In below table after 10 games points are displayed along with home success.

Progression table

Below is how teams progressed in the ongoing IPL XI(11th edition).
Points after 10 games reflects good reading on how teams have advanced or not.
I have marked light green color for win and red color for loss. The numbers( 1 , 2) above text W & L is when teams batted. For instance W¹= Won match/1st bat, L¹ =Lost match/1st bat, L²= Lost match/2nd bat, W²=Won match/2nd bat.
In below table yellow marked are home wins for teams.  

From above data few facts appeared.

  • Overall home success was 65.38%. The most successful period for them was first 10 games and between 31-40th game.
  • 1st Bat Success rate = 46.15 %, and has remained same after 40th game.
  • Momentum : At end of 30th game both MI and RCB only had 2 wins in 7 games. However they made great strides with emphatic wins….edging out others with their Net Run Rate(NNR).
  • Derailed: Both Kings XI and Kolkata are losing their grip. Their NRR can be key for their survival.

Data Credits: https://www.crichq.com/  http://www.espncricinfo.com/  https://www.cricket.com.au/  http://www.cricbuzz.com/


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