6 Aug / 2012Going beyond Cricket….but not with a blink of eye

After watching Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce win the Woman’s 100m finals on Saturday 5th Aug at the London Olympics, I was encouraged to post this article.”You think that was fast?

It is from The Australian< dated September 21-22(2002) a very interesting article, and one of my best short-read analysis on sports .

Aptly it says “Your body has to be in the right position to apply the right forces. That is not something you can learn in oneday”


After watching the race, wondered whether females are as strong as men?.

Then a quick look at the women’s 100m world record and found, that The World’s fastest woman ( Florence Griffith-Joyner) clocked 10.49sec in 1988!.

And world’s fastest man(Usain Bolt) is at 9.58, just 1.9sec faster than women’s record. Nevertheless Florence didn’t have any wind support, and Bolt had some during that epic race.

If sprinting is considered one of the most brutal form of sport in where the human body gets pushed somewhere it has never been before… then gender prejudice should not count at all… Its how one adapts both mentally and physically, then it is just a matter of time before they start running faster than before…

I am sure today there is a massive increase in the number of participants  compared to when Harold Abrahams(UK) clocked 10.6sec in 1924 Paris Olympics.


To conclude, few years back saw this girl (must be 8 or 9years) playing cricket with long wooden plank(size of a normal bat).

She had a wide grin on her face, repeatedly went down the wicket and smashed bowlers(boys of her age) all around the compound. Was stunned by her skill… only hope she still enjoys the game as she did years back.

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