15 Oct 2019 Last updated at 9:32 am(588)…Captains who led Australia in Test cricket(1999-2019)

A brief look at Australian Test trends since 1999 under various captains.  Below table is concise of how Australian team excelled in batting and bowling. 

Have used two indicators to reflect their batting and bowling performance.

In Batting I have selected 

a) Totals of 400 plus scores (both inns) Australia manage to post under various captains.  

b) Teams batted for 100 plus overs( both inns).

In Bowling I have selected 

a) Bowling out opponents for 250 or less total (both inns)

b) Taking 100 or less overs to pick 10 wickets (both inns)  


Here is a link to comparison of captains from West Indies team and Australian team. 

(354)…Factory that produces leaders.

(587)-Ashes 2019: Series level, unpredictable but deserved result

Ashes Review The series was unpredictable but  2-2 was deserved result for both teams. . England had won their first ever World Cup and with that success they went into Ashes as firm favourites. Then shockingly with great ease Australia … Continue reading

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(586)…Ashes 2019- Australia’s future rests on final days of Ashes.

The last 2 days of this series will decide the future of Australian test batsmen. If they are able produce miracle to salvage themselves from defeat, then they can happily keep their place in this squad. This marvel should be … Continue reading

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(585)…#Ashes2019(Role-play)selection -Wade marginally ahead of Travis

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In Test Cricket batsman’s role-play plays a huge role to build team’s total, particular if condition are suited for bowlers. In the ongoing Ashes scoring runs has been very difficult for both teams. Hence staying at the crease becomes vital … Continue reading

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(582)… Tough job opening in England!. A stats analysis of Ashes openers(1977-2019)

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Have been watching Ashes since 1977 & believe condition in England are toughest for any openers(home or visiting team). Here is snapshot of how openers performed in Ashes.

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Few decades ago bowling round the wicket was a rarity for fast bowlers. It was similar to bowling a slower ball. Today every right-arm fast bowler will go round the wicket if a batsman is a left-hander. It is interesting … Continue reading

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(581)…Ashes(2019): -Right-arm round the wicket to you!.

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In this Ashes 2019 series Australia regularly employed at least 5 left handers in their playing XI. Overall seven players participated in 3 tests including two bowlers. In this series Australian left-handers have been victims of LBW, bowled, low scores … Continue reading

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(580)…Ashes -Early victims of new ball!.

The first Ashes Test match of 2019 was won by Australia by 251 Runs. However Australia lost 4 wickets(of 17) in the first 10 overs of both innings. There was lot of movement for the bowlers and at times it … Continue reading

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(579)…Going past with inconceivable information.- “A phenomena called Andrew Symonds”!.

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My main area of interest has been Sports and Arts. And in years gone by I have collected few articles. Apart from renting, borrowing, buying books, magazines & journals, I was blessed with some great resources. My my major source … Continue reading

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(ODI)…IND in WI 2019

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(578)…Unfold Ashes-2015

The last Ashes in England was played in 2015. Host England won 3-2. Interestingly Australia scored more runs with bat, and took more wickets(one more) with the ball…yet they lost the series. Australia in 5 Test /9 Inns scored 2565 … Continue reading

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(574)…CWC2019 Team Review- Bangladesh

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(571)..CWC2019: Team Review – West Indies

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(570)…CWC2019 Team Review – New Zealand

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New Zealand Performance Review   This might sound inappropriate but New Zealand team were lucky to be in the semi-finals!. As the tournament progressed their NNR (Net run rate)was going down. This along with their batting strike rate and boundary … Continue reading

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