11 Jun / 2013(155)…Can cricket raise the Indian rupee?

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In India cricket is more than a sport, its good business for all.

One saw illegal betting during IPL(6th edition-2013) where Int cricketers along with franchise owner were involved in match-fixing and illegal betting.

IPL is a golden goose for BCCI( cricket bearer of this country) and it wont be banned. At the  same time BCCI is not answerable to anyone, neither to the Sporting Authority of this country, or the ruling government , its an independent body.

At the same time betting is illegal in this country, yet tons of millions is waged through gambling, especially cricket.

Only horse racing can be legally gambled in India, nothing else.

At the same time there is a huge economic fall in this country, almost every country’s currency is more than India. The $ America is @57 rupees!. The prices of common commodities is increasingly consistently (sometimes on daily basis)

If one has to make gambling official in India, than it would help raise the value of INR in International market. Cricket can be looked as a valuable business product. Tourism is quite big in India, almost every state has its own unique view point and charisma. And like tourism IPL can be cricket’s beacon in this country. For any innovation or business venture to flourish, one always starts from base or grass root level, and IPL is a ideal format. Therefore Indian Govt can start legalizing betting from IPL, so to understand its market. They can have their own legal betting centers all over the country.

This would help  INR raise its value. Here are few links to recent news on match-fixing.

In India there are only 17 to 20 race courses, compare to 900 odd in Australia, and round about 2000 in United States of America. The Indian thorough breed is hardly  used in racing, its always cross section breed that runs!.



http://www.dnaindia.com/sport/1845198/report-sl-premier-league-team-got-rs-50crore-match-fixing-offer   SRI LANKA!!!.




Video: 2009@ Mumbai race course (http://www.rwitc.com/liverace.php).


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