19 Jan / 2024BBL13 -Should points given for abandoned be abolished?.

As we come to end of BBL we saw some ordinary matches played in this tournament.

Here are few reason I subjectively believe could be possible

  • It could be due to stop start to the tournament that had 5 abandoned matches(5/40)
  • It could be due to WC2023 success hangover


Franchise cricket primary objective is to entertain people with cricket so that more people can follow this sport.. however this season there were lot of mid-scores(150-170) that was easily chased down which became one-sided for game!.

Almost 50% (48.71 to be precise) of matches had 160 or less target to be chased, and it was easily chased down(68.42% success rate), this includes abandoned and shorten matches.

Perhaps points given for abandoned matches should be abolished 

The most eye catching fact was – there were 5 matches non-result matches for which teams got “free 1 point”.  It benefitted teams like Heat and Sixers(see table below).


Here I truly believe this law can be changed easily

  • No points given to non-result matches
  • Or 1 point for non-result to all teams who are participating in the tournament





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