24 Sep / 2012An athlete who became an artist.

I was 13 when I bought this magazine. It was a Special Centenary Issue –Vol.II dated July 1-7 , 1979. Although a general news magazine, but this edition had covered cricket entirely!. Here is an interesting article written by famous Bollywood actor –Vinod Khanna. An athlete who became an artist! Interestingly both Sunil Gavaskar and Gundappa Viswanath wanted to go to play with Packer’s World Series Cricket, so that they could find out how good they were against the best bowling in the world…but sadly they were denied by the Indian board.

There are some honest view by Int.cricketers back then, which I will be posting this week.

This one is from late Indian captain Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, famously known as Tiger Pataudi 



And this one is a comparison between Gavaskar vs Viswanath. An Artist vs Craftsman



As Bangladesh miss their chance to qualify in Super 8s of T20WC – they would still get some amount from ICC to take part in this event.  

Winner of this T20WC-2012 gets $ 1,000,00.  Although it would be unfair to compare generations of cricketers, but here is what teams got as prize money during inaugural ODI World Cup. The prize money for first two World Cups played in 1975 & 1979.





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