17 Mar / 2015(296)…Now and Then (CWC2015 ~ CWC2011)

At this stage of the tournament(before Quarter finals)  a look at stats comparison of CWC2011 v/s CWC2015 of 42 games.

It is very clear that batting has dominating this tournament so far… as less wickets(617) have fallen at this stage of the tournament. In 2011 before the quarter finals 641 wickets had fallen.

Here is a brief stats analysis

  • Average score 1st bat = 273.90 in 2015, in 2011 it was far less at 247.71
  • 300 or more score(1st bat). So far in 42 games 20 times(17 wins) teams posted 300 or more. In 2011 13 times(10 wins).
  • Fascinatingly frequency of scoring 300 total has increased from 95% (2011) to 47.60%(2015), and with it success rate has increased from 76.92% to 85.00% in this World Cup…meaning defending 300 has become much easier in this World cup!.
  • Not surprisingly there were 35 centuries scored in current World Cup, against 20 that were scored in 2011(before QF).
  • In 2011 Ireland, Holland, Canada and Kenya represented associate teams. Now in 2015, there is Ireland, UAE, Afghanistan and Scotland and with Ireland giving consistent performance and almost getting qualified in last 8.


Table 1 – Group A – Batting indicators.

It is an interesting comparison when you look at current World Cup data against last World Cup. Last World Cup was played in much smaller grounds and on flatter and slower pitches and only one ball used which was replaced by another similar condition ball after the 34th over, and now there is two different balls used from each end, on a much faster and bouncy wickets and bigger grounds, but with less fielder outside the circle.

2015 : In the below table, India has the highest batting average followed by Sri Lanka, and South Africa, suggesting these teams lost less wickets against runs scored. The best run rate is 7.19 by Australia followed closely by South Africa. The best scoring score rate is held by South Africa @56.60/100 balls which is very closely followed by Australia and Sri Lanka, suggesting only 45% dot balls for these teams. The highest boundary is 14.84 /100 balls by Australia, followed by co-host NZ.

2011 – Australia and Sri Lanka had the highest batting average, with Sri Lanka , India, New Zealand, having better run rate, scoring rate and boundary rate.

Associate teams: Ireland demands more play

What is the most interesting aspect of this table is the associate teams have done exceedingly well. Ireland particular have better batting average than England and Zimbabwe, and in 2011 their batting average was better than Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, and their boundary rate was equal to top teams!.

One believes Ireland should be given more opportunity to compete against top team in all limited overs format. At least 10 ODIs against top team/year.




Surprisingly in this World Cup, India so far have bowled much better than in 2011. They along with host Australia, New Zealand have best bowling average and strike rate. They along with New Zealand are the only team to concede less than 5 runs /over in this World Cup!!!.

In 2011- South Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan had the best average and run rate.



Table 3 – Method of Dismissals for bowlers : 

Mode of dismissals is not an accurate assumption of how a batsman loses his wicket, therefore I have picked only two type of dismissals viz- LBW and Run Out.

LBW – This gives a clear indication of how accurate the bowling is, irrespective of shot selection or game situation.

RUN OUT: The silliest mistake for a batsman is to fall short of crease while taking a run, and give a “free” wicket to the bowling side.

Interestingly in this CWC2015 both LEG BEFORE & Run out are far less than last CWC2011.

One can understand about LBW victims as pitches have more bounce in Aus/NZ than Asian, therefore chances of batsmen getting hit below stump level is far less….nevertheless surprised to see less Run out victims in big grounds!. Than a closer look at scoring shots explained it. There have been far less smaller(ones, twos, threes)scoring shots compared in this CWC than last World Cup which is one of the factor of less % of Run out cases.

Bowlers from New Zealand and West Indies have picked the most LBWs, and interestingly they are playing each other in quarter finals.

2015 QF MODE

In the last CWC2011 South Africa had the most LBW before the QF, followed by New Zealand which is very remarkable considering the pitches they played on with lack of spinners in their squad.  2011-MODE

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