23 Oct / 2014(265)…2014 Test series wise table.

Here is a look at series wise performance this year(2014).

The current Aus in Pak contest is the 11th series in 2014.  This the fifth successive short < 2 Tests series played. The table below is a sum of how both teams performed. Interestingly scoring rate(scoring shots/100 balls) has dropped along with average and boundary rate, yet in these 24 Tests there 23 big scores (> 400 )for teams, with Sri Lanka contributing the most with 7 scores of > 400 runs.

On individual level this year so far 59 Test centuries, with SL batsmen scored the most Test centuries (12) followed by Eng 9, Aus 7, NZ 8, Ind 5, Bang 4, Pak 4,

Below are two tables


table 1: Series-wise in 2014

2014-series wise

table 2: Nation wise in 2014



nationwise 2014


All data is updated before the Aus Pak series. (end of Bangladesh v/s WI series).

Here is a link to meaning of all indicators/formula –

A Guide to Indicator & Formula. Its meaning and explanation.


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