16 Dec / 2021(685)…BBL XI – a new trend(going back to old school of defending)

At end of 13th BBL the win ratio is 9/13 for teams batting first, and interestingly 6 of them came for teams that won the toss and choose to bat!.

The reason of interest here is – T20 format at all levels has higher success rate when teams chase targets and almost every time they win the toss they chose to field (second batting), hence this new trend in BBL can be looked in a very interesting way. The next world cup is played in Australia, and this trend can be looked at as opportunity for teams that prefer to bat first and post defendable score.

Last year in BBL at end of 13 matches, the win ratio for first batting was 6/13. The toss factor was only 3 times team chose to bat, and won only 1 match

Although it is too early to say if this trend will continue – but what changed this trend in BBL this year?.

  • margin of win :   In 13 matches played so far (15th Dec, 2021) 9 were won by teams that batted first. In which 5 of them had 40+ Runs as margin of victory!. 
  • Bonus points :

When batting first – from 13 matches 5 teams received bonus points, and they won all the games!

When batting second – from 13 matches, 8 times teams received bonus points, but only three were able to win those matches!.


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