24 Nov / 2021(675)….T20I-Scores get customised in various countries

There is a fast decline in runs teams score when batting first. The trend of low scores started from 2019, and this year(2021) it has dived down to 148!.

2018 year was 169

2019 year it was -165

2020 year it was -166

2021 year –it dived down to 148 (including 2 series played after T20WC).


This looks very similar to period between 2013-2017.  Here is year wise list of T20I history when teams batted first!.



So, let us look various factor that is responsible for low scores for teams that bat first.

First up, let us look at what scores are defendable and chaseable.


  • Are teams able to post 170+ scores ?
  • Are teams being restricted to <150 scores regularly ?.
  • Is toss key to winning matches (chose to field and chase successfully)?.
  • Does chasing becomes easy in night matches ?


2019 -2021

first batting winning factor

if scores were.. 

(170 plus & 150 less)



T20 World Cup trend

1st bat –scores (<=150 & >=170)



Toss factor in World Cup 

1st bat/2nd bat

First up we look at concluded World Cup and how winning the toss favoured teams.

Toss won, match won: 45/30 = 66.66%

1st bat success:  13/7 = 53.84%

2nd bat success: 32/23 =71.87%



Toss factor (01 Jan 2019 - 23rd Nov 2021)




Success chasing targets

 Let us classify three type of targets:

1- 170 or more

2- Between 151-169

 3- Less than 150

(reduced match excluded)

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