31 Jul / 2021(641)…The Australian way of T20I cricket – Part I- Result Margin

Here we look at Australia’s way of playing T20I cricket in six parts.

First we start here with Result Margin. The margin of win or loss by runs, wickets and how many overs were remaining when match got over.

1-Below is overall summary of Australia in T20I cricket. Here I have divided their result in Home, Away, Asia and Neutral venues(including Asia and away matches)


2- Year-wise winning ways. Below is year wise margin of win for Australia



3- Year-wise losing way. Below is year wise lost margin for Australia



To conclude this post - here is year-wise result summary in Asia.

Although the Australians are popularly and in-demand across franchise cricket in Asia, yet Asia is not their favorite place for their national team. They went win-less in first six matches!. 

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